From the April 2012 magazine.

The April 2012 Grapevine is Here!

In this month's special section, members share about meetings all over the world

In just 76 years, the message of Alcoholics Anonymous has spread to more than 180 countries. It's wonderful to know that the hand of AA is there for us almost no matter where we are. This month, we feature stories from all over the world. AA members in the rolling hills of Connemara make a man's trip memorable in "Horsing Around in Ireland." In "Meeting at Shivaji Market," a woman is taken under the wing of AA members while in India, then returns to help start the town's first women's meeting. A doctor finds joy while doing service in Africa in "Delivering Big Books to Kenya." Read more in the Editor's letter.

"As we journeyed from land to land, we had the same magnificent adventure in kinship over and over again."—Bill W., "The Language of the Heart," November 1972 Grapevine article

Special Section: AA Around the World
Hope in Every Port

No matter where he goes, AA is there for him

Meeting at Shivaji Market
She gave back to a city that took her under its wing

Horsing Around in Ireland
For his 50th birthday, an AA member takes a dream trip to the Emerald Isle

Delivering Big Books to Kenya
A doctor discovers joy helping alcoholics in Africa

The Little Group on Hapalmach Street
In Jerusalem, an old meeting room disappears, but not the years of love

Steps and Traditions
No Stone Unturned
A Fourth Step freed her from constantly asking, “Why me?”

Safe in the Storm
How the Fourth Tradition helps us find our way

Our Personal Stories
No More Breath Mints
AA helped him remove the liquor smell and become a show-up son

Out of the Doghouse
After years of hiding booze and driving drunk, she made a phone call to save her life

I Dream of Jeannie’s Bottle
As a child, she wanted to magically hide, but as an adult, she found escape in booze

Drowning in Red Wine
A woman reaches out to a friend she’s never met—but knows too well

Close Call in Barbados
The gulp she took was not club soda

Emotional Sobriety
The Story of the Red Dress
She wanted a dress. He wanted her. But what they got was much better.

Into Action
Mining for Gold
Inspired by one man’s service, she struck it rich giving back

In Every Issue
Dear Grapevine
At Wit’s End
Alcoholism at Large