From the March 2012 magazine.

Two Fingers of Rum

Secret sips of alcohol in her childhood had given way to alcoholism by her early 20s

My family has a long history of alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, and physical abuse. My family loved one another but had no idea how to show it. As I grew up, I found myself attracted to these same problems in my own life and in my relationships. I guess it was what I knew.

I had my first sips of alcohol as a kid one day while making drinks for my parent. I had two fingers of rum and a shot of soda with a couple of ice cubes in a short glass. I routinely drank the remnants of their drinks. Alcohol made me feel warm inside. When I was a little older, I would sit outside the store with a few friends and pan-handle someone to buy alcohol for us. Once we got our stash, we would pass the bottle around and ditch school.

-- Jennifer W.

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