From the May 2012 magazine.

May 2012: Joe Never Came Back

Her boyfriend took off when she got pregnant, but AA never left her side

I was in love with AA. I was sober three and a half years and very active in AA. I had a sponsor, a home group and commitments at each of my meetings. I was the young peoples’ chair of the San Diego Round-Up. I had a boyfriend, Joe, who was a marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. We moved in together in the fall of 1986. Joe was a “normy” who never questioned my sobriety or my commitments, but thought I was a little “crazy” about AA.

We lived together for seven months, then I became pregnant. The next month he got cold feet and moved out, then left for recruiter’s duty in Arizona shortly thereafter. I was devastated. But sponsorship and strong AA women friends helped me to put one foot in front of the other and show up for work and meetings.

-- Roxanne R.

Alley Center, California

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