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Published May 2012.

Falling Tree

She came to believe in a power greater than herself while sitting in her neighbor's garden

The fellowship, and program, of Alcoholics Anonymous has truly performed miracles in my life. Today, the state trusts me with the care of approximately 100 sixth graders on a daily basis. This does not include the other 300 middle school students that fill the hallways of the school where I teach. This is the same state that has put me in jail twice on account of DUIs and took away my driver’s license for 18 months. When I think about my times drinking, I am amazed that anybody would trust me with the care of just one child, nevermind hundreds. It is through the AA that I have become a responsible, educated adult who aspires to inform and enrich the lives of both every child and adult I come into contact with today.

Instead of giving you a tedious drunkalogue of my experiences while I was “out there,” I would rather share my experience with the spiritual side of the program. I am certain that you—a fellow alcoholic—already know the details of my drinking career and the “incomprehensible demoralization” that my actions, and attitudes, while in active addiction brought me. What I believe has restored me to sanity is the fact that I am able to maintain my spiritual condition on a daily basis through the tools that AA has given me.

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