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Gold Mine

The kind, soft words of a friend in AA removed the shame he had over relapsing

I admitted to an old friend and long time member of AA that I was only 10 months sober because I had tried drinking again. My confession came with a great deal of remorse and embarrassment. To my surprise he warmly replied, "You now have a gold mine of experience to share and to use to help other alcoholics." The words kept repeating themselves over and over in my head. The clouds lifted and the horizon looked sunny for the first time in months.

I had been searching for the reason for my relapse. I painstakingly examined the way I had taken each Step and looked for clues with the fear that another failure could lead me out again. The result was a tense sobriety. When I would confess to friends that I had yet another bout with drinking they would offer their opinion as to where I had failed and I generally became more anxious and guilt-ridden.

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