From the July 2012 magazine.

July 2012: Hope in the Yard

How a little magazine connected two men who really needed AA

In March of 2009, I woke up from a blackout in a place that was becoming all too familiar to me—the county jail. I came to my senses as the judge was advising me that the crime I was charged with carried a possible life sentence, and that she was setting my bail at $50,000. Fear gripped every fiber of my body.

At that point I barely had any clue what had happened the night the crime was committed. I vaguely remembered the week prior to the arrest. But I did have a foggy recollection of bawling my eyes out on the floor of the motel room I was living in and asking God to make it all stop. I was too scared to kill myself, but I was also too scared to go on. It wasn’t dying I was afraid of. It was living.

-- —Chris K.

New Port Richey, Florida

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