From the December 1996 magazine.

Your Move - Responses from Readers on the Topic of "Online AA" from the May 1996 Grapevine

Don't Forget the Hugs

Thank you for the fascinating article on cyberspace. You clarified a very complicated and technical form of communicating--a unique way of carrying the message of experience, strength, and hope in our beloved Fellowship.

I'm a senior AA old-timer and haven't had a drink for thirty-six years, for which I am deeply grateful to AA. I still find any change difficult, but I believe these computer-age meetings are like old-time AA in a way--e.g., being asked if you qualify and to give some of your drinking story. It helps maintain anonymity. And online AA offers a variety of programs and a choice of meetings--how wonderful to have an AA connection anytime day or night! What a purpose it serves to those who are confined. Yes, I am sold on the idea.

-- Eleanor B.

Silver Spring, Maryland

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