From the September 2010 magazine.

Not alone in Zanzibar

With outreach, service and Fellowship, AA swells in Tanzania

I HAVE lived for five years in Zanzibar, Tanzania, as a loner, but that is no longer the case. Meetings were started in January 2009 by a local man who had gone to a rehab in Mombasa, Kenya, and learned about the Twelve Step program there. He came back to Zanzibar, shared his new way of life with others and now there are two "sober houses" and daily meetings in Swahili, with more than 15 attending. I have become a part of the recovery community here in Zanzibar and I am grateful, as I know that I do not have to stay sober alone any longer.

Three of our newcomers from Zanzibar (two...


Zanzibar, Tanzania