From the November 2010 magazine.


"The willingness to grow is the essence of all spiritual development," Bill W. wrote in a 1955 letter. And isn't the willingness to grow the essence of a spiritual awakening? In this annual issue of classic Grapevine stories, we celebrate spiritual growth with selections from the new book, Spiritual Awakenings II. Whether it is the peace of a tranquil cove, the violence of a bullet to the head or the simple act of flying a kite, each of these stories crystallizes that moment of becoming awake. Recently, a member of the Grapevine staff passed away after a long illness. Many of you likely communicated with her, as she fielded all the manuscripts and queries submitted to Grapevine. For years, as she struggled with her disease, she brought her best spiritually awakened self to Grapevine, and we all benefited from it. Her willingness to grow and live on a spiritual basis in the face of grave illness inspired us all.

As the holidays season comes upon us, a little spirituality can go a long way, and in this issue there are also several stories where members share about surviving, and even enjoying, the holidays, without alcohol and with a good dose of humor. May you survive and enjoy as well.


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