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Bed Number Eleven

A boisterous, sleepless night in the detox was a good reminder of where a glass of wine could take him

After some years of sobriety, I decided that I was well enough to take an occasional glass of wine but it wsan't long before I was up to a box a day and in big trouble. I tried to stop on my own and ended up on whiskey.

I checked myself into the local detox center and checked out early thinking I had a handle on it. Two weeks later, after a weeklong binge of whiskey and weed, I as back at the detox center, totally defeated and ready to surrender completely. This place was the best example of a spiritual battlefield I'd ever seen. I felt like I was right in the middle of the enemy's machine gun nest without a weapon. I was in a 12-man room and wanted desperately just to get some sleep but of course several of the "gentlemen" decided this was a good time to have a hollering contest in the wee hours of the morning.

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