Grapevine Online Exclusive

Published February 2014.

Remarkable Results

A former delegate describes how the Fifth Step changed his sobriety and his life

My experience with the 12 Steps has been one of preparation, action and results. The Fifth Step is no exception. Practicing this Step has been a wonderful experience of sobriety and spiritual growth.

The preparation for the Fifth Step began by working the first four Steps. Steps One through Three gave me a spiritual foundation for taking the remainder of the 12 Steps. I don't recommend this, but it took over three years for me to take the Fourth Step. My early years in sobriety were very difficult because of this delay. My behavior, at times, was no different than when I drank. When I had three and a half years, I got a sponsor who encouraged me to take the Fourth and Fifth Steps.

-- Paul W.

Rochester, New York

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