From the September 2012 magazine.

September 2012: You Might Be An Alcoholic If ...

... you hide a vodka bottle in the clothes hamper

At a recent meeting I got to choose the topic, so I picked the Ninth Step Promise, “No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others.” By taking a spin-off from that comedian who does redneck jokes, I used this example for myself: “If you go to a different liquor store every day so the clerk doesn’t recognize you—you might be an alcoholic.”

Well the results were serious and hysterical. Just about everyone had a story that they thought was a clever approach to feed their habit. It was the most laugh-out-loud meeting
we ever had. Here are some of the things we came up with:

-- Richard H. & Bill K.

West Bend, Wisconsin

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