From the September 2012 magazine.

September 2012: 39 Reasons to Dance

She has never forgotten the Bill W. dinner that helps pay for the phones that saved her life

I married young. Red was the man of my dreams. He worked at a construction company, while I was a rising star at an ad agency on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

It was the 60s. You talk about the TV show Mad Men—that was my life: the drinking, the camaraderie, the after-work social gatherings. We went to the fanciest nightclubs. We threw dinner parties. I one-upped my mother-in-law with my cooking and calligraphy place cards. Each dish was a pièce de résistance. On the weekends, we rented boats and beach houses, and partied all summer long.

Feeling that Red should do better...

-- Peggy B.

New York, New York