The Best Part of My Day

I had just gotten home after a long day at work. I backed my truck into the driveway and got out of it, walked to the mailbox and gathered the mail. The first thing I noticed was a letter from my newest AA inmate correspondent. I got a big smile on my face like I always do whenever I get a letter from one of the guys I correspond with.

I went into the house, took off my suit coat and tie and sat down to read and meet my new friend. The letter was going well until I got to the line that said, “I’ve been waiting for almost two years for a letter from a recovering alcoholic.” That’s when my eyes started tearing up. My mind went straight back to 1992 when I was incarcerated and wrote to GSO asking for a sober outside member of Alcoholics Anonymous to correspond with me. I thank God that my wait was very short. I received a letter almost immediately. Since that time, I’ve prayed for Mike, who used to correspond with me, and for Craig who brought the Wednesday night AA meeting into the facility where I was housed. These two men did more for me and my sobriety than anyone I know. They made the worst time of my life bearable. Guess what? Neither of them was ever incarcerated!

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