From the March 2015 magazine.

Live Easy but Think First

When he wonders why his life is so much better now, all he has to do is look up at his meeting wall

At our local clubhouse, the primary meeting place for our corner of the AA universe, the slogans are in a pyramid. On the bottom left is “Live and Let Live,” next appears “Easy Does It,” and “But for the Grace of God” is at the pinnacle. Moving downward is “Think Think Think,” and at the bottom right is “First Things First.”

During our daily 5:15 Happy Hour Meeting, Jim-Bo was sitting facing the slogans. When it was his turn to share he noted that if you take the first word of each slogan they say: Live Easy But Think First. When I sit facing the slogans I still read them this way and think about Jim-Bo and that meeting some four years ago.

-- Scott W.

Kearney, Nebraska

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