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Published May 2015.

Lost in the English Rain

Far from home and unable to find a meeting, he got a helping hand

In early fall 2004, I was 2 years sober, across the ocean from both home and home group in southern Illinois, and getting ready to stay there for a couple of months. Early in sobriety, I had gotten the gift of a second chance at an education and started a master's program which included a semester in Ireland. It would have been too much to handle not long before that, but my sponsor, Tony, had guided me through the 12 Steps, giving me the foundation that I needed for this adventure.

So off I went, first finding a place to live in Ireland, then taking a ferry to England, where, like a good alcoholic, I had made no plans for where to go or stay! But I had been taught that I needed to make meetings while on the road, so I had that in mind.

-- Chad P.

Grand Island, New York

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