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That Angry Guy

He found himself sober but in desperate straits. He took action.

This last weekend I was at the Gopher State Roundup in Bloomington, Minn. Over 8, 000 people attend this roundup each year and it can be a bit overwhelming. I haven't been in a few years, the last time I was went, there were about 4,500 folks. It just keeps growing. At the Saturday night speaker meeting, we found ourselves without seats in the main room. However, we were grateful that they show all the speakers on the closed circuit TV which you can watch in your bedroom.

Love and Tolerance was the theme this year. I only heard two of the speakers reference it even though a huge banner was draped over the curtain right behind them. Almost every speaker did have one phrase in common though: "but, that's not the miracle…" Each one said it about some part of their journey in recovery and why it wasn't as special as the real miracle.

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