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The Preacher and the Meeting

An AA tells how his home group had to find a new space to avoid hearing the message of the church

Imagine sitting in your first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and during the middle of the meeting someone who is not a member of AA addressed the group with a speech on a specific religion and how to properly achieve salvation. If this had happened at my first meeting I am not sure I would have returned. I may have missed out entirely on the message that AA carries to the suffering alcoholic.

About six months ago, one of the longtime members of my home group was asked to meet with one of the elders of the church where our meetings are held. The elder of the church spoke about the church's strong conviction of a method of salvation and the sectarian religion they practice. He also made clear the church's belief that any groups meeting at their church need to hear their message of religion. The elder of the church stated that they would like to come to our meeting several times a year and address the group with their religious message.

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