From the December 2012 magazine.

December 2012: Hot house

An old-timer challenges the way his local meeting place is run

I think the only thing I’ve been consistent with over the years that I’ve been sober, depending on the day, is how I try my best to follow the Steps, Traditions and Concepts of this Fellowship. I have not had a drink for over 33 years, so the program does work.

Recently I retired and moved to Florida, where I thought I would settle down in my new town. Some of the things I was told by the AA group members when I got there were that I didn’t understand how things “worked in Florida,” that I wouldn’t have to make the coffee, and that I didn’t belong to a group, but to a meeting. As I was new to the area, I thought perhaps I didn’t understand, so I reached out to someone who had been in the area for some time.

-- Frankie B.,

Spring Hill, Florida

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