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January 2013: Preen Like a Peacock

He learned the hard way that being right is not the way to fly

Before search engines came along and took all the fun out of it, I loved to argue with family members about some trivial point, such as which actor played which role in a movie. Then when evidence was presented that proved I was correct, I would preen like a peacock.

That’s why it’s so ironic that my biggest growth in the AA program came from an incident when I discovered I was wrong. In 2005, as part of my role as GSR and DCM Chair, I was involved in developing an AA area website. The previous committee had painstakingly developed guidelines that spelled out everything from how to run the website to what sort of content could and could not be approved. When I joined the committee, one of the first things I did was make a cartoon which I showed the other members, and which they approved. It was placed smack dab on the front page of the website. But soon there were complaints, so we took it down.

-- T.W.

Fairfield, California

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