From the January 2013 magazine.

January 2013: Alcoholism at Large

A shapely glass makes one thirsty?
One study in England showed that people drank almost twice as slow when drinking alcohol from a straight-sided glass compared to a curved glass. Social drinkers, aged 18-40 with no history of alcoholism, were asked to drink either lager or a nonalcoholic soft drink from either a straight-sided glass or a curved “beer flute.” There was no difference in drinking rates from the glasses when the drink was nonalcoholic. The researchers suggest that the reason for this may be because it is more difficult to accurately judge the halfway point of shaped glasses. As a result, drinkers are less able to gauge how much they have consumed.

“The important point to take from our research is that the ability to pace effectively may be compromised when drinking from certain types of glasses,” said Dr. Angela Attwood, of Bristol’s School of Experimental Psychology.

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