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A Way to Start the Day

A morning meeting was the foundation of her sobriety

I was living in Palm Desert, Calif. when I was six months sober and going crazy. At the same time, May 1980, Dr. Paul ("Doctor, Addict, Alcoholic" from the Big Book) started the 7 a.m. Attitude Adjustment meeting.

Five of us were at that first meeting. We were all newcomers, and Paul, who still loves working with newcomers, slowly got a few more coming. Dally L., from the ABC Club in Indio, would bring in new members we called the "old drunks" out of the weeds and off the railroad tracks. The old-timers in Palm Desert didn't attend the meeting because, they said, "Nobody could stay sober going to meetings in the morning." But Dr. Paul started the meetings because he found that "eight-thirty at night was too late in the day to change my attitude."

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