From the May 2013 magazine.

May 2013: The Happy Campers

Grilling, tubing, bonfires and smoothies—nothing’s off limits for this fun-loving crew

In 2008, me and my AA friends were taking a road trip to a St. Patty’s Day supper and speaker meeting in southwestern Nebraska; all four of us had under three years of sobriety. I had heard of an old Boy Scout camp, which had been converted into an archeological and Native American educational center with a campground and two cabins for rent. The camp was on the way to where the event was being held, just a four-mile drive off the main highway. I asked my co-pilots if they wanted to check it out and all agreed.

The main house sat on top of a hill overlooking a beautiful canyon. Down a steep hill, nestled in a canyon depression, were the two cabins. We asked for permission, and walked down to the cabins to find them nicely decorated and furnished; the cabins used to be the scoutmasters’. An old swimming pool between the cabins had been converted into a rock garden, the deepest part of which had been converted into a firepit. Benches made of cottonwood trees surrounded the pit.

-- Scott W.

Kearney, Nebraska

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