From the June 2013 magazine.

June 2013: What? no meeting?

I had been sober about four months and my life was falling apart. I was having to face the awful situations I was in without my usual anesthetic. My alcoholic boyfriend was kicking me out, I had an exhausting job working rotating day and midnight shifts and I had an 8-year-old and no friends or family to help babysit. I went to my Tuesday morning AA meeting, which was held in a government building in Newark, Delaware. I was so immersed in my own problems I hadn’t realized it was a state holiday and the building was closed. I didn’t see any other AA members there. I sat down on the steps with my little boy and sobbed.

Just then another woman from my meeting arrived. She was someone I thought I had nothing in common with. She wore high heels and short tight clothing, a bouffant hair-do and lots of makeup. As a hardworking nurse and mother, I made a mental judgment that she couldn’t possible understand my dilemma. She suggested the three of us go to a nearby fastfood place for coffee.

-- Lynne M.

Stuart, Florida

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