From the June 2013 magazine.

June 2013: Letter from the Editor

“What an order! I can’t go through with it,” the Big Book says after the Steps are revealed in “How It Works.” Yet with the help of AA, we can go through with it. And when we do, says our co-founder Bill W. in the “Twelve and Twelve,” our lives can “become happily and usefully whole.” In this issue’s special section, members celebrate the many ways AA’s Twelve Steps have changed their lives.

In the story “Rich Details,” a woman uses the Steps to strip away her old self and reveal the beauty inside. A man tells how they helped him hear the truth and improve his marriage in “The Best is Yet to Come.” A woman sees the magic of the Steps through her sober friend’s children in “Time Out!” In “The Gift of Spilled Coffee,” a man on a business trip gets the chance to make a most surprising amend. And a member, in a drunken stupor, finds Step Two on his bedroom floor in “Bedtime Story.”

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