From the June 2013 magazine.

June 2013: Time out!

When the kids misbehave, mom’s Steps come in for a touchdown

The theme of a lot of meetings I’ve been attending lately has been the Tenth Step, particularly the “spot-check inventory.” Recently, while on a vacation, I had the opportunity to visit a former sponsee. We hadn’t seen each other in 16 years. During that time Beth, of course, had grown up (she got sober at 17). She had also married, moved out of the state where we both got sober, and had two children, who are now 3 and 6 years old. We caught up with each other and it was just like old times, though many things had happened. But we are both still sober: Beth has 20 years, and I have 24.

For hours, it was truly a pleasure to talk about the Steps, our sponsors, the Big Book, and life’s adventures. During the course of our visit, several times we had to stop talking (no easy feat) so she could tend to her two children.

-- Jeanne F.

Atlantic Beach, Florida

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