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New Beginnings

He surrendered his life to alcohol but found hope in AA

I hear at meetings that many feel surrendering is weak. I know all about surrendering as I did it for many years. I surrendered my life and my soul to alcohol. I would tell myself every day I was not going to drink that day. I would promise to keep my word. By the end of my drinking years, I could not not drink every day. My body needed it just to feel normal. I could say I wouldn't drink but would find myself looking for the next bottle.

My drinking may not have cost me like some others. As they say, I still had some yets to go. But I know what it is to completely surrender your being to alcohol. I was lost. It had total control of me. I would do whatever was needed to make sure I had some. If that meant hurting someone or something in the process so be it.

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