From the July 2013 magazine.

July 2013: A Star Is Reborn

She gave up the stage for booze; then AA turned the lights back on

When I was two and a half years old my mom had me standing on our piano bench singing for company. On pitch, in baby talk, I “cut” my first record at age 3 singing “The Italian Street Song.” I was living in a fantasy life, getting ready for stardom by the time I was 11. One year later I appeared on “Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour.” In high school I was in every play and every concert. I received 26 first-place medals for playing the French horn and won first place statewide in forensics. At 18, I was on stage professionally in Wisconsin. By 21, I made it to New York City to be the lead comedienne on a popular CBS variety show.

I started drinking at age 23. Within five years, I was drinking alcoholically and married to an active alcoholic 26 years my senior. We drank at home and in “polite” company. I had no clue I was an alcoholic.

-- Terry P.

Tucson, Arizona

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