From the July 2013 magazine.

July 2013: Dear Grapevine

I wrote them and asked nicely for an AA pen pal.

Not alone in Arizona
I’m currently incarcerated in an Arizona prison. At one of my meetings I learned about the correspondence program through the GSO. I wrote them and asked nicely for an AA pen pal. Lo and behold, I got a sponsor. Max and I have been corresponding for more than five years now. He’s been a true blessing. Through Max I have learned about the Steps, Traditions and a ton of AA history. He encourages me, guides me, teaches me—and leads by example. He gets on me when I need it, he’s honest with me and he helps me keep things in perspective. With Max there’s no beating around the bush. Thanks to him I’ve received Grapevine for the last four years, as well as other AA literature, which I gladly share with others. Pay it forward, right?

—James R., Eloy, Ariz.

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