From the July 2013 magazine.

July 2013: Letter from the Editor

Getting and staying sober in prison can be tough, especially since many institutions don’t have AA meetings. This is where Grapevine can be especially helpful. Each year at this time, we dedicate our issue to alcoholics in prisons and jails. This month, we feature hopeful stories of AA behind the walls.

In the story “A Few Cloudy Days,” a man serving a long prison term for killing someone at a party while drunk when he was 16, shares how he doesn’t have AA meetings in his unit, but stays sober and hopeful reading AA correspondence letters and Grapevine magazine. A correctional officer who attends AA meetings for his job one day returns for himself in “Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde.” Welcome to “The Chop Shop,” the inmates’ “meeting after the meeting,” where fellow alcoholic prisoners make life-saving connections. In “Candy Man,” a blind prisoner learns in AA that service is a way to stay sober and give his life purpose. And the nice scent of an AA member helps one prisoner keep coming back to meetings
in “The Sweet Smell of Freedom.”

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