From the July 2013 magazine.

July 2013: Loyal, Like Baking Soda

For three decades, a special bond of sponsorship has filled her “empty fridge”

Bill and I were signed out of a hospital detox unit at the same time on one of the coldest, grayest days ever. After a five-day stay, my car was still sitting in the parking lot. I can barely remember how I got there. I offered Bill a ride home and was glad for his company. It was a quiet, nervous ride to drop him off.

When I arrived at my own house, I was not sure what I expected to see or feel on the other side of the door. That last binge was one of my worst. I felt terrified and sad. There was a big pizza box, four empty bottles of cheap red wine, half-empty glasses everywhere, a raggedy pile of unopened mail, an unmade bed—and a lone, limp carrot next to a loyal box of baking soda in my empty fridge.

-- Anonymous

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