From the July 2013 magazine.

July 2013: No One Home

With wife and kids gone and no furniture in sight, the lawn was the only place left to land

Over a year ago I was barely making meetings and hadn’t spoken to my sponsor in a long while. It’s no surprise that I picked up again. My insidious affliction with alcoholism took away my Higher Power, my marriage, my children, my driver’s license, and a good position with a profitable company. This new spree ended with my first experience of delirium tremens. It is a place I do not ever want to return to.

An argument with my wife escalated to the point where she took the kids and bolted for her mother’s house. As I chased after her, I blindly grabbed the half empty 12-pack in the back seat for one for the road. And so I had my first DWI.

-- Anonymous

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