From the August 2013 magazine.

August 2013: Single and happy

She turned 40 and her date stood her up. That's just fine with her.

I had a date scheduled for this past Friday night. It was a first date; we had met through an internet dating website. When I say we “met,” I mean that we had exchanged a few emails, talked on the phone a couple of times and agreed to meet face-to-face to see if there was a connection. Turns out he canceled at the last minute via text message, saying he wasn’t feeling well. Whether or not that’s true, or another version of the story I made up in my head is the case, I’m OK. And I’m really excited about being OK today.

This week I will have 12 years and nine months without a drink. I love how I count months—as if I were a kid who wants so much to be a grownup. Actually, I just turned 40. I have had my share of experiences with dating in sobriety—some would say more than my share if they knew the details. The fact that I’m OK with a canceled date tells me I’m healing, I’m growing, and I’m learning to love myself for who I am today. And that, my friends, is a gift of sobriety.

-- Angela M.

Scottsdale, Arizona

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