From the February 1963 magazine.

Alcoholism--a Medical Bombshell

Withdrawal symptoms of alcohol are more severe than withdrawal symptoms of morphine.

THE past twenty-nine years have produced what may be termed a revolution concerning our thinking about alcoholism, and also, in turn, our unusual success in the arrest of alcoholism in a growing population. Major factors in this change of attitude and encouraginging results have been:

  1. (1) The Center of Alcohol Studies started at Yale University, 1930 by Dr. Howard Haggard. (Now at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N. J.)
  2. (2) Alcoholics Anonymous, started in 1935, a Fellowship of men and women who share their common experiences, strength, and hope which may, in turn, allow them to arrest their disease.
  3. (3) The National Council on Alcoholism organized in 1944.

All three of these forces, each in its own way, have resolutely accepted the fact that the alcoholic is a sick person, that the alcoholic can be helped, and that the alcoholic is worth helping.

-- Donald W. Brodie, M. D.

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