From the July 1969 magazine.

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

Enlisting the Business Community

Leading up to the above call for action, the April issue of the Rotary Clubs' magazine features a 12-page section on the problem of alcoholism. It includes: as an introduction, the brief story of an executive who recovered in AA; a history of man's use of beverage alcohol; an article combining Dr. E. M. Jellinek's outlook on the illness with conclusions from Report of the U.S. Cooperative Commission on the study of Alcoholism; a demand for a change in the public attitude toward alcoholics and alcoholism; a personal story reprinted from the Grapevine, together with the I Am Responsible declaration and an outline of AA's function and origin; view points from the U.S., Norway, and South Africa, presented by four men active in the field; an article describing the approaches the business community may take toward the problem.

Reprints of this section of The Rotarian are available at 10¢ each from Rotary International, 1600 Ridge Ave., Evans-ton. Ill. 60201.

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