From the September 1970 magazine.

About Alcoholism - Alcoholism Information, Research and Treatment

School for Teenagers

The information school operating in Okanogan, Wash., is aimed specifically at reaching the juvenile who has run afoul of the law because of alcohol. Referrals to the school come from the office of George Whitaker, Okanogan County Probation Officer.

"Our once-a-month session covers those things about alcohol teenagers do not know, but should know," says Whitaker. "Naturally, most of the teenagers I refer to the session were involved in a drinking-driving situation. For this aspect of the school, we call on officers of the Washington State. Patrol to explain just what can happen in an automobile. A local physician tells what alcohol is and what it does to a person. The Reverend Lewis Hodgkins, director of the alcohol information and referral center here, explains the local and state programs for treatment of problem drinkers. Our local AA groups provide speakers to tell of firsthand experiences. Coordination for the monthly sessions is done by the Okanogan County Council on Alcohol Problems."

-- Focus on Alcoholism

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