From the August 2017 magazine.

Lunch & service

When she took out her sandwich, he got to see what a special worker she was

Several years before I stopped drinking for good, I wanted to learn about the program I heard could fix alcoholics. After looking up the address of the local AA office in the phone book, I decided to pay them a visit. Their office was located in a downtown building I was familiar with, so I got in my car, took a few swigs from my bottle and was on my way.

The office door simply said “AA”. Inside there was a tiny lady sitting at a corner desk typing. I asked her for information about AA. She got up and showed me the literature displays and explained how to use the directory to find an AA meeting. I shuffled around for a while, glanced at a few pamphlets and then asked her why anyone would ever go to AA.

-- Alex M.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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