From the July 2019 magazine.


This driller and blaster always felt different. But the thing that made her the same was her drinking

My whole life I was told I was no good. I grew up feeling unworthy, then later had a deep need to prove myself. This is the biggest reason I began to drink and hang out with others with the same problem. My world was crazy and chaotic.

At one very low point in my life, I happened to run into my minister’s wife at a store. She could see the despair on my face. She just looked at me and said, “God never created any junk.” Those words were so powerful to me. I will never forget them. And I try to share that hope with people I see struggling now. I feel very strongly that there were people ahead of me who showed me a different way of life. It’s now my duty to give back and help others.

-- Sonya F-D.

Eden Mills, Vermont

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