From the January 2011 magazine.

January 2011: Out of bounds

Imprisoned for a violent crime, a tirade on a handball court changes his life

I had thrown away all that was important in pursuit of broken, ruined things.

It was a crime of violence; a terrible act against a woman. An act I could not remember. I was in prison for it.

It was the act of a drunk in a blackout. Like so many times before, I woke up physically sick and emotionally devastated, knowing something had gone wrong. Like so many times before, I had no idea what that something was. This was my life: waking up, day after day, sick, wondering what I did last night. How did I get home? Where am I and who is this passed out next to me?

This time, however, I knew it was bad. I laid low for a couple nights, venturing out on...

-- Eric M.-E