From the March 2011 magazine.

March 2011: Death in the mirror

Her fast track to the morgue is averted by a spiritual experience

"How did I arrive at this horrifying place, the child who knelt by her bedside each night to say her prayers?"

I was in my late thirties when I realized that there is a limited number of moments in life and this particular moment exists only now. A fast-track career woman but a late bloomer, I suddenly woke up to the fact that nearly one half of my life was over and I was still waiting for it to begin. Where I was, what I had accomplished and the things I possessed were never enough. I was way behind schedule.

In my addictions, I wasted and lost so many moments. Countless opportunities to live a life that mattered were squandered in my self-centeredness. Today, I am so grateful to have been graced with the opportunity to be present in my life a moment at a time. I am only given today; tomorrow is not promised.

-- Beverly W.

Boca Raton, Florida

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