From the March 2011 magazine.

March 2011: Editor’s Letter

In the spirit of carrying the message to all who need it while actively pursuing the goal of financial self-support, AA Grapevine recently launched digital versions of both Grapevine and La Viña magazines. These electronic magazines were developed in order to deliver digital access, increase usability, and decrease postage and printing costs. This plan will provide a less expensive electronic publication option for all members who want to convert to the digital version of the magazine while still serving those members who require a print version of the magazine. If half of Grapevine readers convert their print subscription to a digital subscription, AA Grapevine’s expenses will be reduced significantly. We ask your help in reaching this goal.

In addition, the web site will relaunch in mid-2011. As we approach the 61st General Service Conference and in connection with this relaunch, we will be working with our fellow trusted servants to discuss how to serve the greatest number utilizing the most relevant support technologies and explore alternate business models. We look forward to your continued engagement in the exciting evolution of AA Grapevine as a Twelve-Step tool and encourage you to go to to submit your ideas. You may also visit the web site to convert or to subscribe to the AA Grapevine digital magazines. Thank you for your support.

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