From the March 2011 magazine.

March 2011: Get a Commitment

Her sponsor said she’d better start doing service if she wanted to stay sober

"She got me busy in short order. She suggested, “Get a commitment, attend the roundup, wear a dress and don’t forget to bring a plate of cookies."

Being sponsored is a fundamental part of sobriety. When I began my journey in a women’s recovery home in 1983, I asked a woman who had six months of sobriety if she would be my sponsor and she had the good sense to tell me to keep looking. I ended up being expelled from that house because, though sober, I was not adhering to the “suggested guidelines” for sobriety. Most people thought I would be drunk before the week was over. I still didn’t have a vehicle, and a young man I was smitten with took me to his home group. He pointed out two women in the meeting hall and said, “Pick...

-- Roxanne R.

Valley Center, California