From the March 2011 magazine.

March 2011: Religious Indifference

"Grant said that he had had some concerns about coming to our meeting because he is a Muslim and was not sure how he would be received."

Over my years in AA I have had the opportunity to attend jail and prison meetings in three different states. When I moved home to North Carolina in 2004 I was happy to be able to attend corrections meetings in this state as well.

There is a men’s minimum-security prison here in my hometown and I became one of the outside sponsors for its weekly AA meeting. Because it is a minimum-security facility, many men are serving short sentences or have achieved minimum-security status after serving time in a higher-security prison. Some are nearing their release dates, so the turnover of the men attending the AA meetings is fairly high. A few fortunate inmates at this facility are permitted to attend outside meetings with an AA sponsor. Because of the turnover, I usually take three or four different men to the outside meetings each year.

-- John K.

Sanford, North Carolina

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