From the April 2011 magazine.

April 2011: “Ed the dead” sings songs of gratitude

This musical jam-master hasn’t bitten anyone’s butt in 25 years!

"Today, I still love a good jam. I just do it without alcohol."

I used to share the common misconception many newcomers have, that there cannot possibly be life after alcohol. Before AA, I could not imagine abandoning this warped view. After AA, I see this was just a weak excuse for poor behavior. Since a teenager, I recklessly pursued my so-called constitutional right to happiness to the exclusion of every other emotion. I confused stimulus with happiness.

The void that instantly appeared when I abandoned alcohol is slowly being filled by this prescription: trust God, clean house and help others. Once my life was fueled by alcohol, now it runs...

-- Ed L.

Wrightwood, California