From the April 2011 magazine.

April 2011: Honoring Barbara

After a devastating accident, a home group pays respects

"There was only one name on the cake, a woman named Barbara. I thought that was strange because she wasn’t even there."

One night, a man came to my home group to share his story. He did a good job, speaking of the vital role his home group played in his life and the quality of his sobriety. As he concluded, he told us they would be celebrating an anniversary soon, and invited us to join them. He sounded so sincere that I actually went, although he seemed a bit surprised when I actually showed up.

Anyway, I continued to make the occasional meeting there, as it was a long drive for me. One night, which happened to be another anniversary meeting, I noticed that there was only one name on the cake, a...

-- Lenny Y.

Lebanon, New Jersey