From the April 2011 magazine.

April 2011: I, agnostic

The journey toward a Higher Power comes quickly for some, slower for others

"I started praying to the trees and faked it with my sponsor, saying I had done Steps Two and Three."

I do not intend to offend those who believe in a God or have spiritual faith in a “Higher Power.” I believe that most religions or faiths are good if their principles are love, compassion and comfort, encourage personal positive growth, and are not used incorrectly to harm or distress others.

As of Aug 1st, 2010, I have been sober for one year. I am a 57-year-old white male who leans more on the Atheist side of the fence, but since Chapter Four in the Big Book is titled “We Agnostics,” I will refer to myself as an Agnostic. Personally, I don’t believe in a God or a personal “Higher Power” at the present time.

-- Anonymous

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