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Published May 2011.

Web Exclusive: Everything I Have I Owe to AA

She finally gets free of crushing debt, and values little things more now

"This month, I’m completely debt-free."

“Everything I have today I owe to AA,” is a statement I hear many times. I truly believe that statement. With a little over five years of living a new way of life, it’s not what I have on the outside, but what’s on the inside. Sure, material things would be nice. I had it all at one time. Never did I get enough of what I wanted, though.

I was heavily in debt with little to show for it when I arrived at the doors of AA. In sobriety, it was my choice to try and be responsible selling off different items to ease my money burdens. It really hurt to part with my beautiful, two-door sports car. That was probably the hardest to let go of. I’ve slowly been letting go of the temporary to gain the everlasting.

-- Janis H.

Ontario, Canada

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