From the June 2011 magazine.

June 2011: Thirsty Thursday!

Every day was cause for a celebratory drink

"Each day was occasion to celebrate: 'Thirsty Thursday,' 'Wasted Wednesday,' etc."

I remember being a kid, probably around the age of three, and having a sip of my mom’s beer. At weddings or holidays, I always found an excuse to go and fetch drinks for older relatives, because the price for my drink-fetching services was generally a gulp. I learned how to make Manhattans for my older relatives who thought it was just the cutest thing ever.

I remember feeling a lot of fear as a kid. I’d watch TV or movies and try to imitate what I saw. I wanted to be anyone but me, living perpetually in a world of make-believe. I remember searching to feel like I belonged, a search which took me to a lot of sordid places before I finally found my true destination, Alcoholics Anonymous.

-- Jake N.

Cincinnati, Ohio

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