From the January 1987 magazine.

Around AA

The 'Magnificent Seven': AA's Nonalcoholic Trustees

Few AAs come to their first meeting because they want to--and in fact, few of us could imagine becoming involved with AA out of anything but desperate need. Picture, then, a group of men and women who have served the Fellowship over the years without needing to be here, desperately or otherwise. If imagination boggles at the thought, turn to AA Comes of Age, The AA Service Manual or other literature and do some research on AA's Class A (nonalcoholic) trustees.

Such names as Dr. Harry Tiebout, Willard Richardson, Jack Alexander, and Austin Mac-Cormick come to mind immediately, but we may be less familiar with the names of the seven nonalcoholics who currently serve on the General Service Board, In upcoming "Around AA" sections (to appear every three or four months), you will meet this "magnificent seven" and find out how they became interested in Alcoholics Anonymous, how they came to serve on the Board, what they do as AA's trusted servants, how they feel about their AA service, and what they see as issues for AA's future.

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