From the June 2011 magazine.

A Surprise in the Cemetery

A uncanny visit to Doctor Bob’s grave site helps this member stay sober many years later

My first run at sobriety came in the late 1980's while living in Southern California. I was newly out of the Navy when my heart's desire pronounced me "alcoholic" and stipulated a relationship with me under one condition: sobriety. So, I complied, not because I thought I was an alcoholic, but because it was the quickest way to get what I wanted. Owing to a few nice bonuses like no hangovers, some wonderful new friends, and a little weight loss, I caught the disease and adopted an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting habit with only a slight understanding of the Steps and what it meant to begin an earnest journey of recovery from alcoholism.

With a few years of sober living under my belt, life continued to improve despite my mediocre efforts to change and I learned to speak the "AA" language. Also, I decided that as I was from Ohio, I ought to pay a visit to Dr. Bob's home in Akron. The next trip home to Columbus to visit my folks, I made the trip over to Akron for the day. Looking back, I can see so much sincerity mixed with a steep helping of false pride but I think my Higher Power used whatever means available to get me where I needed to be that day, and that day I needed to be in Akron, Ohio.

-- Sandra K.

Alma, Arkansas

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